News Update

13th July 2019

The latest Album by The Nigel Purcell Trio is out now in all the usual places, .

If you click on the pic it will link to youtube where you can hear the album......and thanks to audiam and distrokid, we get our royalties in a timely manner, electric and guitar strings cost money, as does this site....

Meanwhile, Audiam have surprised again with statistics

"Want" has clocked up 187,879 plays and 

"Walking" has clocked up 143,419 plays

These are figures for North America/Canada only, cool or what....

If you want to hear those two click on the pics under "Coddiwomple" and you can see the albums they came from

Meanwhile, The Trio are dropping selected tracks on Soundcloud and Bandcamp..again! 

However, Problems persist with the PPL website so logging the ISRC codes has been delayed..AGAIN! 

Also Amazing tunes might close down.....if the mobile/ipad service fails to put album tracks in the correct order, whats the point in spending time uploading them in a chosen this space for details



The acts on the roster

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The Nigel Purcell Trio page





The Kindred Souls Page







collaborations with

Jon Horne


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