loft51 is basically The Nigel Purcell Trio plus Dave Menear


The three of them had worked together on and off from 1977 up to the early 80's when Dave went off on his own musical path


In 2007 just before andrew got recording in earnest, the three of them met up to record 10 tracks of which only 9 made it on to the fledgling internet and that was that until 2014 when, after the The Nigel Purcell Trio had finished recording " A coming together of ages now known as A coming together of ages revisited" it was suggested that this project be re-visited and finally finished.


Dave became very ill at this time and was hospitalised.












On his release from hospital they tentatively started work..The single "Subway Blues" was released by independent ear


The album, which contains some of the original 2007 tracks some re-recorded versions and a brand new track on which Dave finally sang  called

"I can see tomorrow" was released by erdingtonsound in 2015

Dave felt that he couldn't continue in a "Band" set up and so loft51 has gone dormant again...But watch this space every now and again just in case in the meantime here's the whole album, click the pic for link


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