The Nigel Purcell Trio consist of

Andrew Purcell, Nigel Ratcliffe and Linda weefee the laptop (It used to be Colin the computer but he's semi retired now)

Andrew and Nigel have been collaborating musically since 1977 but in real terms it has been 1978-80, 1982-84, 1986-1989 and 2011 onwards, so in total time around 13 years

To cut a long story short, around 2009 Andrew had a computer and some very basic recording equipment and some free programs 

After releasing His early efforts on sites like myspace, jango and the now defunct garageband Andrew asked Nigel if he'd like to do some recording

Now it gets slightly complicated here 

In 2011 They recorded all of Nigel's collection of Instrumentals and this was released as "An evening with" this was deleted and re mastered with two re recordings and 3 later tracks and was released as "Another evening with The Nigel Purcell Trio" in 2016 

The video contains the track "Nocturning" from the album

Back then Andrew would release an Album then the Trio would release one so next up came the album "Not now" and was released in 2012, this contained re recordings of songs based on ideas from 1982 - 1984, Again this deleted and re mastered minus a couple of tracks slated for re recording sometime in the future, The track "Lonely Streets" became the first to gain air play and on line streaming, 

Andrew makes another album and The Trio return in 2013 with As Was, This album was based on ideas from 1978 - 1980 and was followed by "Life is everything that happens inbetween" which contained ideas and songs from the same period and from 1982 - 1984 plus a couple of new songs, These albums were deleted in 2016, some of the remastered tracks ended up on 

"The Early Years 2011 - 2014" best of (according to streaming stats) and The rest became "Life as was" 

At this time the erdingtonsound name came into being, Basically, Andrew was running three separate twitter accounts for Himself, The Trio and Loft51, It was easier to amalgamate all three into the  "erdingtonsound" plus a now defunct facebook page whilst myspace went off into the internet distance

In 2014 After "Life" had come out, The Trio re discovered a lost tape of recordings made on a Fostex x 15 back in 1986, But only two of the four tracks survived for each of the songs, Andrew suggested taking the surviving recordings and adding to them, In the end "A coming together of ages" came out and was re mastered with two re recordings as "A coming together of ages revisited" in 2016.

2014 saw the Trio join Distrokid for distribution, A short lived tie up with "Independantear" and an album with loft51, 

The re released album is really 2 albums in one with the first seven tracks being re recordings of original tracks and the rest containing original recordings from 1986 added to in 2014

2015, and it gets busy, very busy! first off came a single (Download only)

  "The ghosts of Rookery park b/w Drowning in a wishing well" these were meant to be on the loft51 album but that project died the death, As it happens, It became very popular, Drowning especially so In Scandinavia according to streaming stats! 

Whilst recording that single The Trio were amassing tracks for a "Story" album. Andrew had the idea for a book but "I haven't the brains or the concentration to write it" so it became "Future past sounds" 

   Two out takes "Future past it seems" which is musically based on the album track "Manslaughter" and "Frantic" which was replaced by "Drive off" on the album became a single, A year later "Future past it seems" was included on the "Open the door Radio" compilation CD "Common Factors" 

   And then to top it all, "Cecil and other stories" a mini album came out followed by "Fireworks across the sky" another mini Album, by Accident 

"I forgot to change the release date in distrokids uploader" said Andrew, so 2 singles, One album, two mini albums,  new recording gear and

"We lost our youtube channel for reasons still unknown!" so a new youtube channel was set up but all the old videos bar one ("Purce goes to Ireland" on dailymotion) were lost! DANG!

Now These were compiled onto CDs but they've now been deleted. online the original releases still exist

So 2016 and The Trio decided to release 2 tracks a month for a year, Unfortunately life got in the way so In September an EP came out followed by one in November, all the singles and EPs are on line through Distrokid. A CD of of all the releases called 

"Wayne is officially excited" featuring a pic of a twitter follower named "Wayne" looking not very excited ("Pathos"! said Andrew) was released. However, one single "Our land is sacred" was picked up by FactoryFast in New York and included on one of their compilation CDs called "Fire in the hole" 

Here's a list of the single's EPs vids etc

Cupids Mistake was the Trios number 1 track on spotify for Nine Months, The vid is for "My random jukebox" based on the tweets of "The Juke" aka "My random jukebox"

This is the vid for "7 inches"

This track is on the latest Factoryfast CD

"Don't give up (Los Angeles)"

"Our land is sacred" the track that FactoryFast put onto the "Fire in the hole" CD with several other fine tracks by other artists, the link is on the home page

The B side of "Far Away" is "Cyanide" and here's the silly video for it, 

During a conversation on Twitter the subject of "Weird" came up so it was only natural that a weird Video would follow!

Here's the video for "There's nothing here" done in one take and based on the "Weird" conversation mentioned earlier, Thanks to "Wayne" "Kinetic" aka Steve from "kindred souls" and "King of weird" the producer of "Society's Basement" for the words

February 2017 saw the release of a seven track EP. Called "the last one before the next one" it completes the Trios aim of releasing 2 tracks a month on average for a year, in fact there were 25 tracks so people got one extra! 

Later in 2017 in Spetember The Trio releaesed "We don't know where we're going but we're going there anyway" a ten Track album in the usual ecletic style, This time Andrew asked Nigel to help re record some his songs that had previously been released solo "Just to see what would happen" A video for the opening track "Human Destruction" is below

So in 2018 a set of EPs were planned and released from February thru to June (see below) with one being notable

"Riviere Sands" was given to @Mojo for a remix,

the first time any Trio track had been remixed by anybody other than themselves.

Not only that but two playlist vids were produced,

"Yet another evening with the Trio" is a set of instruments, with "A place of reflection/ Gratuitous prog" being included

"What no Drums?!" is a collection of songs with out any percussion on them.

There's a bit of space here so as to include details of a release due out in November 2018

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